About Mitra’s Art


Mitra Cline is a conceptual artist creating mixed media paintings inspired by life experience and observation.

Mitra’s art speaks to people, living in a global cultural, who seek psychic wisdom.  Her artwork emerges out of an autobiographical digital collage process (like this blog) and reflects a relational (social) aesthetic.

Mitra’s images, rooted in the tradition of painting, invite the viewer on a journey of Self discovery. Her art–creative expression–acts as a doorway into the unconscious mind of deep psychic energy. In the painting titled, Gift for You, a cat offers a fish to start a conversation.


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Public Art
Public Art

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Art Terms – Defined

Conceptual art is a modern art style where the artist believes that concept is more important than artwork itself. Many conceptual artists believed that while they conceived the work, it is completed by the viewer. In fact, many types of conceptual art are only a set of instructions. It is rare to find this type of art to just be a painting, as it often incorporates elements of sculpture and installation. Marcel DuChamp, Yoko Ono,Yves Klein, and Robert Rauschenberg are some of the famous conceptual artists.” -Ebay

Relational art or relational aesthetics is a mode or tendency in fine art practice originally observed and highlighted by French art critic Nicolas Bourriaud. Bourriaud defined the approach as “a set of artistic practices which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and their social context, rather than an independent and private space.”[1] The artist can be more accurately viewed as the “catalyst” in relational art, rather than being at the centre.[2]” – Wiki

Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences.[1] -Wiki

Surrealism is a modern painting style that juxtaposes various images together to give a startling effect. The images in these paintings are often illogical and have a dream-like quality about them. Surrealist paintings emphasize the subconscious. Among the popular Surrealist painters are Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Valentine Hugo, Joan Miro, and Toyen.” –Ebay