Santa Barbara News-Press Scrap Book (’94-’95)

Scrap Book (Age 11, 12. I was homeschooled​ in 5th grade)

Some comments from my first entry
Sunday, Sept. 4, 1994
This is my scrap book and I will KEEP All the thing that are happing in this. If I think thay are inerest-ing. I think I will only put suff in heir from the sunday paper

<Remember to keep trak of the wether you now this has been the coldest week we’ve had all summer.

Thay say the killer bees are comming to cal. I hope thay don’t come.

I’m not sure but I think that everything will turn our ok. Because everyone I know knows more than there moms and dads. So maybe theres hope.

I thought that woodstock was very populaer. I thought it made lots of money. One girl went and got killed in a car crash on the way there. Isn’t that sad.

I don’t know much about all the things going on their but maybe this will help me remember what I do know when I get older.

I want to keep trak of how the earth changes. + I’m want to be a naturalist.

By, Mitra

Bye Now