“Despair is sin” and “ the opposite of despair is not virtue but faith”

To will to be ones self, is an act of defiance and not to will to be ones self is a weakness. Or in other words, if I want to find god by force of my will I shall be in despair and likewise if I don’t have the strength to find myself I will be in despair. And to have this despair before god or with the concept of god is sin. In this way despair is sin. It therefor makes sense that the opposite of despair is faith. This is because with faith, or the condition given by god, I am able to not be in despair. With faith I will no longer have to will to be myself, nor will I be to weak not to will to be myself. It is faith that allows the person before god to not be in sin.

Virtue has little to do with god, for virtue is part of ethics and ethics are not above god. Virtue is simply an issue of will, and willing to be virtuous will only lead to despair and despair is sin. So virtue cannot be the opposite of despair because virtue will lead to despair and sin. It is almost possible to say that willing to be virtuous is a sin. There for between the two statements, “Despair is sin” and “the opposite of despair is not virtue but faith” there are two major connections. One is that virtue is a sin and the second is that faith is the opposite of sin. From this I can assume, maybe, that once given the condition by god and receiving faith I can no longer sin. This is great news for the people who have received the condition. For the rest of us we are lost on a sea a differing degrees of despair and sinning as we try, or are too weak to try, to get faith which is a feudal action anyway. In the end we can see that because all people are in despair, even if they don’t know it, and all people are sinning. There are of course differing degrees of despair, but sin is sin. It seems like more reason to be depressed and worry about my soul.