Two Worlds: what is the real essence of our individual being and what is media?

“Though morality may be relative, though gods be multiple, though meaning be subjective- it does not mean that there is no morality, no gods, no meaning”. In other words, there are basic human emotions and laws that are undeniable and can not be ignored. People have tried many times to erase their humanity through reasoning and philosophy. However, the fact remains that certain intangible energies unite us all in some greater sense of morality and justice. our culture exists on two distinct planes. One, the lifestyle inspired by the media of the United Sates of America as an imperial nation. The other is the true reality of life for the individual living in our society.

Our society has an image that we project to ourselves through media. We are constantly bombarded by multiple images from massive advertisement campaigns. In the capitalist world it is important to always sell new items so the economy will continue to grow. As a result we are always being persuaded to buy new luxuries for a modern life. The luxury items are not meant to last and new inventions will replace the old within 6 months. Because nothing is permanent the objects in our lives are disposable, replaceable or recyclable. We always need new things and this mentality has spread into the roots of our culture. It is good to always be busy and always in movement or traveling. The average US citizen doesn’t live in one home for more than 10 years, yet alone his whole life. Home is where the job is. Food is for growth. Family is required. We like our groceries as well as our emotional needs to be accessible, easy and quick. We encourage a lifestyle that leaves little room for the sacred.

What is sacred to us? I think that the individual has sacred objects in his life. Despite the popular cultures projected image of man the reality is something else. I don’t believe there is much needed to be said about the obvious difference between individuals and characters created by the media. But, I wonder why man attempts to re-define his realty by identifying with some of the unrealistic expectations that the media puts on the individual. Why do we buy into the images projected by the media/ I mean do we really need to have TVs in every room?

I think that man uses media, advertisement, and reasoning to make life understandable. As humans I think it is part of our basic desire to be in control of our own environments. But, control is a very subjective notion and it is difficult to obtain. However, man, being the clever being that he is, has found a way in which he can perceive his environment and feel in control. If we turn our subjective world into something objective than everything changes. The individual who is unhappy need only obtain the home, the family and the job to reach happiness. The media knows about this human desire and also understands our naivete’ and gullibility. For the confused, or not so confused, the answers for life are given through media. It is much easier to follow the directions to success than to forge a new path with uncertain results. When man is following directions he is in control of his life. For the brief moments in which he works to solve his problems (trusting media solutions) he is in control. However this is a false sensation. There is no formula to life, and each person needs to form their own understanding of the world. It is common for people to reach their goals only to discover that they don’t receive the promised reward of happiness. What happens to the individual who gains the job, family and home but is still discontent?

The disillusionment that comes from discovering life is not so simple causes depression. Media, society, culture, and capitalism are all pushing the individual. Each theory offers some kind of objective solution to problems. For each new problem there is a different variation on the solution, just like 30 different kinds of toothpaste. But the theories, just like the toothpaste, are all about selling. The pre-planned solutions lead to confusion, a feeling of endless falling, and a loss of control. Man is falling forward, being pushed in a new direction. But maybe there is an answer. We as individual have the right and the ability to say “no” to pre-planned self-help solutions that are being pushed in our faces. We can choose to recognize the difference between what is the real essence of our individual being and what is media.


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