What is my style?

After reading the articles on drapery and nudity I found myself at a loss in personal analogies. As I looked around my studio for hints and suggestion from other classmates I found myself alone. There was no one else in my studio; in fact, it had been a few hours since I had spoken to anyone. I thought I could find some clue in the fashion magazines I never look at like, Vogue and InStyle, but I found the images in those magazines have little to do with my style and me. I was actually a little happy that it was difficult to find some style I fit into because as an artist, I guess, and I try to be an individual. But, then I started talking to some of my friend, and they had no difficulty at all telling me what my daily costume is and what groups I belong in. In the end I became most interested in the thick dark framed glasses that others and I like we wear.

Glasses make me think of reading. They make me think of homework, and they make me think I’m smart. They make other people think I’m smart too. Thick frame glasses make people think I’m smart with an attitude. I think this is because thick frames used to be associated with nerds and the military. Then the punk generation came around. Punks were angry geeks that were proud to be un-cool and their thick glasses became a symbol of pride. The computer geeks got out of college and started making a lot of money, which made it cool to be smart and look like a nerd because it was a sign you were going to have a good job.

People have strange reactions to me when I’m wearing my glasses. It’s a sign that I’m anti-social and angry like the cartoon character on MTV, ‘Daria’ or like the newspaper comic strip, ‘Dilbert’. I am anti-social (not a loner), sarcastic but also smart, artistic and thoughtful. At least this is what I found out when I started wearing my pair of fashionable thick frame glasses. In fact the reaction was so strong I considered not wearing them. They dominated my personality and without my glasses on I wasn’t recognized. Every time I put in contacts I would have people say, “Oh, I didn’t recognize you with out the glasses,” or “You look really different, what did you do?” I began to feel like my face was hiding behind the glasses, and maybe it was possible to live a Clark Kent AKA Superman lifestyle. Then something really strange happened, I didn’t want to wear contacts because without my glasses a felt naked. I really did feel more self-conscious without those glasses to hide behind. So I discovered that thick framed big glasses also help people feel masked and protected more so than thin frames or contacts. In the end I felt better going back in forth from contact to glasses depending on my mood. I know