Why is necessity alone not enough for personhood according to Anti-Climacus

I have been having a difficult time understand this text because of the way it is written, however I believe I have understood this relation between necessity and possibility. In order to have personhood you must find a synthesis of necessity and possibility for as it says, “A self that has no possibility is in despair and a likewise a self that has no necessity.” Later he compares the necessity and the possibility to breathing, you must in a sense inhale and exhale in order to breath. As far as I have understood it is through necessity and possibility that one can come close to faith, which is the ultimate state to be in because one is able to understand all is possible because there is the possibility of god. He also state that, “that gods will is the possible makes me able to pray, if there is nothing but necessity, man is essentially as inarticulate as the animals.”

I thought this was very interesting because I can understand how a lack of necessity or a lack of possibility can make a person depressed or despair. It is difficult to do anything if you feel there is no need to do it, and it is difficult to start something if you feel there really isn’t any possibility of doing it. In such cases nothing gets done because there is lack of drive, otherwise called necessity and possibility. And in order to do something you need both things, because even if you have necessity it is not enough to make someone do something if they don’t believe there is the possibility to accomplish it. However, if I have faith and there for see the possibility of god then, as I have understood it, I will not despair.

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