How does the parable of the king and the maiden provide an alternative to the Socratic understanding?

The story of the king and the maiden offers an alternative to the Socratic understanding because it suggests people can be more than what they are naturally and there is more than what they can rationally understand. The Socratic understanding is one in which the student and the teacher do not love each other. The Socratic teacher owes nothing to the student and the student owes nothing to the teacher because they are equal. However in the story of the king and the maiden the relationship is different. In this case the king does love the maiden. Their relationship is however very complicated. The king does not want the maiden to feel inferior to him, he wishes to know her as she is, for he loves her as she is. He wants to be loved for himself, not as in adoration for a king, but equal love. This is a task more difficult for the maiden because to sit beside the king as an equal and not bow before him is much more terrifying. The maiden must discover in her own way, if it is possible, how to become a queen. This is different form the Socratic idea of equality because the maiden is not a queen and a queen is something more than what she