According to this reading what is wrong with morality?

P 277-310

Nietzsche, F. W. (2009). The Gay Science. (T. Common, Trans.). Stilwell, Kan.:

Morality is a value judgement that has no foundation. Nietzsche points out that morals are a way we blind ourselves from thinking. We do not question the nature and reason behind the essential morals that have, for unknown reasons, become accepted fact in society. It is important for us to examine this phenomenon, on p285 “thus nobody up to now has examined the value of that most famous of all medicines which is called morality; and the first step would be- for once to question it.”

What do we see as being not moral? There are many things in nature that humans assume is unnatural. But why do we call what happens in nature unnatural? Obviously it is a product of nature because everything exists within the contexts of nature. On p. 286 it states, “ we know it well, the world in which we live is ungodly, immoral, “inhuman”; we have interpreted it far to long in a false and mendacious way…” What is wrong with morality is that is makes value judgements which cannot be made. It creates an artificial environment or sub-world in which what is moral or not moral is can be determined based on the laws of the imaginary sub-world.

Who is in charge of making these arbitrary rules or morality by which we are able to see value in the world? According to Nietzsche they are, “these historians of morality do not amount to much. Usually they themselves are still quite unsuspectingly obedient to one particular morality, without knowing it, serve that as shield-bearers and followers…. Moral actions is selflessness, self-sacrifice, or sympathy and pity.” (P284) It seems like these rules of morality have no known origin. In a sense morals are the rules in the game of life. But taking them as fact is, as Nietzsche put it, “childish.” (P285)