How to make simple canvas stretchers

I recently was given a miter saw so that I could make my own canvas stretchers! I spent $30 at Home Depot to get some missing materials: 1x2x8 wood, wood glue, and an angle clamp. The other materials I used were: canvas pliers, staple gun, scissors, paintbrush and gesso.

The first step is to cut all the pieces, wood and canvas, to size.
Next you need to secure the corners with wood glue and staples.
Next step is to create the frames. Secure the corners with wood glue and staples.
When the frame is done, attach the canvas. Start adding staples from the center and work your way to the corners.
Fold the corner so that it is flat.
Trim the extra canvas and clean up the back side.
The canvas will stretch more as you paint the canvas. Start painting in the center and work to the corners.

All done and ready to add color paint!