Santa Ynez Valley Artist Studio Tour 2010

Today I toured 13 of the 28 artist studios on the Santa Ynez Valley Artist Studio Tour (SYVAST). After today I want to play more with material in my own art. I really enjoyed all the different textures, surface treatments, colors, and material combination patterns in the art pieces I saw today.

This year I purchased a yummy light piece from Jamie McConnell.

Jamie McConnell in her Studio.


The light I got today is similar to this one...

This year it was neat to visit 2 studios with couples who are both working artists. I enjoyed the color and contemporary esthetic of Judi Stauffer and Rick Hubbard. I was enchanted by the ceramic work of Donna and Wesley Anderegg…. so cool looking they make me want to work in ceramics too!


By Wesley Anderegg

Other artists I visited today included, Larry R. Rankin at his sculpture studio, Chis Hansen at his wood working studio, Ron Guthrie at his painting studio ( I have one of Ron’s paintings – yeah!), Mike Brady with his fantastic wind sculpture and wood working, Jane Schwarzwalter and Sarah Chamberlin at their pottery studios, and finally Seyburn Zorthian and Nancy Yaki at their painting studios.