Want to give your business a facelift?

I’m always game to work on creating fun designs for print and electronic media. It seems like there are tons of businesses that need a logo or want to impress their customers with a slick web design. (99 designs is a great example of how most business approach design projects)

I prefer to design materials for a business as one big project. It’s most satisfying (and I believe ultimately most successful) to design pieces that fit into a whole, relate to a central vision, and create a greater experience together.

Before I work on any major design project, I start with an audit for the specific business and also a few of it’s competitors. Recently I created a basic 1 page overview work sheet for this process. I think it would be a useful starting place for any one who is considering a redesign or face lift for their business.

Many of my ideas about branding and designing for business come from this book, Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team, By Alina Wheeler. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a nice, detailed representation of the process. I offer graphic design services for mid to small size business. If you are interested please checkout my Business Identity Workbook PDF.

What do you think?

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