Why I love the Behance Network, and went pro

It’s just so well done! There are 3 major criteria that I use to judge a website and Behance has gold stars on every level.

  1. It just works! As a viewing the site is quick and easy to navigate, and the user interface is easy to understand and also works great.
  2. They get it their audience. For a long time I have been following the featured RRS feed and slowly I started to explore the website. I was excited at each discovery to notice how the structure of the site was exactly how I would want it to be. So cool.
  3. The content is amazing because the community rocks. If you have never browsed the projects on Behance, now is the time. It’s an active community with ongoing content submissions for world-class creative professionals.

In addition the Behance site is feature rich with all the bells and whistles that we consumers have come to expect from these sites, including social integration, a job board, tools, and related products. Being a new converted fan, I signed up for the pro site. Basically this feature turns the Behance branded profile page (free, in exchange for your content displayed) into a white label website ($99/yr). I anticipate that these white label website offers will become more prevalent for networks in the future. Personally my mind is pleasantly baffled at the magic of the whole process of these web application simi-auto generated production and layout features. 🙂

Comparison views of the FREE profile page (http://www.behance.net/MitraCline) and PAID pro design (foreverbird.com) are below. There are tons of custom css options, with east to use interface, for the pro site. I’m sure I’ll be playing with it for days.

Behance Profile Layout
The same content white labeled, with all my content. It also has a unique URL, foreverbird.com