4 simple and free CMS websites

Today there are hundreds of websites that create personal pages for their users. Each site attracts an audience by offering something for free, saving your profile, and creating a valuable list of users with specific types of content. If you are design junkie like me than you probably have signed up for dozens of accounts across a variety of areas of interest. I’m optimistic that all the social revolution of massive data collection and organizing will lead to great things. Science seems to think social interaction has an impact on brain capacity… so that means we are getting smarter as our social circle grows… right?

re.ve is amazing

It’s the evolution of a resume. It displays information in graphics and links to your LinkedIn Profile too.

My re.vu free web page


If you’re a designer, Cargo is a great design with an easy to use web interface and a fun design.

My Cargo free website


If you’re looking for a basic social page that has a nice full image layout and links to all your other social sites, you can check out flavors.me or about.me. It’s basically like a web version of a business card. You could ever create a free mobile QR code or mTag and print that on your card, keeping the look simple and allowing you to make information updates online anytime!

Flavors.me Free website

about.me free website