my bluecanvas shop is up

I was won over by the magazine that bluecanvas publishes. I really enjoyed the artwork, the layout, and the print quality. I was happy to discover that they also have a cool website and community. The artwork featured in the magazine is from the web community and is selected from the top voted content.  In addition they also have a shop. I really like this format and am adding my content and time in support of the community.

Bluecanvas: The Artist Network

The new shop page on my website links to the bluecanvas print pages. Some comments, I would love to be able to upload my PDF digital art files in the future, and have a shop widget to post on my site. I also think the site is a little slow, and because my internet connection is not great, it makes navigation more challenging. It says something that I like the content enough to wait the extra 15+ seconds on every page load!

The ‘shop’ page in my website, links to

What do you think?

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