DIY Holiday gift idea 2, bath salts in (a recycled) glass jar

This year I am using recycled items in my holiday gifts. I have been collecting all my old glass jars. The glass jars are so easy to reuse! Today I turned my old jars into new bath salt gifts. Epsom salt baths are great in the winter, for many reasons, and I thought it would be a nice gift.

First, I created labels on my computer by measuring the jars and printing the design 2-up on 8.5×11 sticker label paper. I also cut out fabric to glue onto the jar tops to cover the basic metallic lid.

Covering the old labels with the new.

After applying the new label and fabric top, I filled the jars with epsom salt.

Glass jar filled with bath salt.

Now all that is remaining is for someone to take a relaxing bath and enjoy 🙂

Bath salt jar

If you would like to use my label, here is a downloadable image file.

Click to view full size and download for printing.