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Why this works for me: + Wind proof. + Most art is at eye level +  walk around in a circle, no specific beginning or end points to view art + Noting is hidden from view + One wall to protect against wind + Everything is light, easy to transport + display created to scale of portable art inventory …. still have lots of ideas… but in general I finally feel I have a functional outdoor gallery display. I’m thinking it would look good on the playa (woohoo!) … the photo doesn’t really capture the feel of how cool the display is, but it gets the idea across 😛

This weekly outdoor gallery creation process also really helped me narrow down my products: Prints, Paintings, and Jewelry. I sell stuff I’ve hand made stuff from my mobile gallery. Online people can buy jewelry on etsy and prints from

I created a page on my website to send traffic to these online shopping carts. I would love if they allowed me to embed my shop items easily into my own webpage. (future project maybe?) It’s great to list my items in the Etsy and Bluecanvas networks. I think the benefits from referral traffic and services provided are valuable at this point.

My website 'shop' page - with 'product commercials' and link to shopping carts.