July 2012 calendar

The image is a detail of  “Fern Folklore” by Mitra Cline. Ferns figure in folklore, for example in legends about mythical flowers or seeds.[12] In Slavic folklore, ferns are believed to bloom once a year, during the Ivan Kupala night. Although alleged to be exceedingly difficult to find, anyone who sees a “fern flower” is thought to be guaranteed to be happy and rich for the rest of their life. Similarly, Finnish tradition holds that one who finds the “seed” of a fern in bloom on Midsummer night will, by possession of it, be guided and be able to travel invisibly to the locations where eternally blazing Will o’ the wisps called aarnivalkea mark the spot of hidden treasure. These spots are protected by a spell that prevents anyone but the fern-seed holder from ever knowing their locations.. – Wikipedia

The desktop calendar includes notes on: Moon Phases, holidays, stones, fruits/vegetables, flower, and astrological signs. If you want to get next months free calendar too, sign up for my newsletter and get the calendar link sent to you via email.

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For more info on Mitra Cline’s art and design visit foreverbird.com

The information for these calendars came from: http://www.wincalendar.com/March-Calendar/March-2012-Calendar.html  http://www.universetoday.com/20193/moon-phases-2012/