get better vision and more free time

High resolution monitors

People like things “Sharp” and “Clear” and it’s why we go to the optometrist. It’s important, especially if your a designer, to have the best vision possible because it’s hard to create sharp images if you can’t see the detail. Updating to a high resolution monitor is like getting a new pair of glasses. According this is article online the new retina display screen is close to what the human eye can see.

Learning to use multi touch

New technology, like the multi touch, can turn a two step task into a one step task. I save time by doing two steps in one. Multiply that by the days, weeks, and years and I can feel how much benefit there is from learning to utilize these new multi input tools. If you have ever learned to type on a keyboard than this concept should resonate with you. It’s much faster to type using all 10 finger than to use only one finger at a time.