How to find Inspiration

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How do you get inspiration? Is there a process to achieve an inspired state or is it a random happening?

This podcast is slightly more structured than my first I added a few sound effects and did some editing.

My notes:

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Adventures in Creative Communication. My name is Mitra Cline and I’m your host – this Sunday, June 24th 2012 – a warm sunny day here in Santa Barbara California and – As always – I’m here to keep your creative curiosity flowing – with stories on new technology and classic techniques in creative communication.

My topic today is inspiration – defined as a stimulation of the mind or senses resulting in activity or creativity.

How do you get inspired? This state of inspiration – is there a patter or mechanics to it achieving it? Maybe just mystical … Types for a source of inspiration – immediate need an idea – summer is approaching (goal) or Random encounter (thats the best;)

My classic solution to seeking inspiration is the bookstore…. the starting place

Now it’s RSS and the internet stores

Summary – create a habit to seeing and noticing – following and cultivating – the idea or feeling could be a constant state.

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