4 directions painting – day 3 and printfinity plug

North – Direction of Mystery – Manifest. Season: Winter, Element: Earth, Colors: Browns and black, Tarot: Pentacles, Other correspondences: the ancestors and spirits, the divine mystery, stability, crones, Shadow self learning – dark night of the soul
West – Direction of Intuition – Creative. Season: Autumn, Element: Water, Colors: Blues and purples, Tarot: Cups, Other correspondences: the otter or other watery creatures, dreams, intuition, emotions
East – Direction of New Life – Formative
Season: Spring. Element: Air., Colors: Pastels/ Yellow, Tarot: Swords, Other correspondences: A creativity, inspiration, clarity of vision, youth. The eagle is a common totem for the east.
South – Direction of Passion – Archetypal. Season: Summer, Element: Fire, Colors: Reds and oranges, Tarot: Wands, Other correspondences:sun gods and love goddesses, fierce, fiery animals such as the lion, passion, sensuality, regeneration
4 directions!

These 4 directions are being created specifically for a set of itsaboutpureenergy.com business cards. Lots of online printers these days will allow you to print a set of images. The variety can be used as a nice conversation starter when handing out business cards.

What do you think?

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