New Media – the story behind my new creative intention


Notes from the video:

Hello, That’s me in my studio, and I’m here to present some images and talk about my work. I’m going to start off talk about my trditional work.

I’m inspired by nature and the study of it – biology, chemistry, physics and math. The natural variety is represented in the shapes, abstract use of color, texture, and materials.

I have started using photography/video and technology to tell a story with my images. Some of the things I like about new media:


  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • Nomad Brush


  • Adobe Ideas
  • Splice
  • Film Direcotor
  • Camera! from smugg mug
  • FlipBook Lite
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand

I like scale and flexibility in new media:

  • Projection
  • Print Reproduction

Accessible and collaborative (free) in new media:

  • Blog/ RSS Feeds
  • Podcast / Subscribe
  • social sharing / comments / open source – creative commons

Commercial value in New Media:

  • Experience – engaging all human senses in something memorable
  • Education – using techniques to craft an effective message
  • Product Use – identity creation

The reason I make art is to capture emotion and represent part of human experiences. This is based on the history of what I see as the role of art in our world – providing tools for communicating across languages and through time. I feel like new media is a very effective form of creative communication and I am exploring more of this direction with my work.