Black Light Art – Video Project Description

black light art from Mitra Cline on Vimeo.

I’m working on a new interactive art piece. It involves 3 different touch points for user interaction.

1) Become part of the artwork by having your face painted to show up in the black light as part of the screen.

2) Paint in the air with a LED light in front of the screen. The light will be captured by long exposure photographs.

3) Cast a shadow on the screen by blocking the projection light with your hands or something.

There are 3 areas for image makers, like myself, to work:

1) Onsite live body painting.

2) Creating images for projection before the event.

3) Taking photographs and video during the event.

I basically have all the materials I need to get this project going. So – for sure there will be live streaming video from the first event soon. Follow on facebook or twitter if you want to catch the first live show. Iv’e also started testing out the streaming technology and I’m on Ustream: