Organic traffic results

Over the last few years I have posted about a variety of things relating to art and design. It’s interesting to watch the reports on visitor behavior because it can be surprising and unexpected. Online content has a real advantage over traditional print media because online it’s possible to report on exactly what people are looking at. The reports are helpful for small business lead generation.

2 topics on my blog have received more attention than I expected, the recon jack tattoo and finger watch posts. Apparently the internet needs to provide more information on these topics!

When I look at search terms I think about the popular saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” For example, look how many different search terms lead people to my post: recon jack, jack of all trades tattoo, recon jack meaning, marine recon tattoos, recon jack tattoos, recon tattoo, marine recon tattoo, recon jack tattoo, parachute tattoo, recon marine tattoo, recon marine tattoos, marine recon jack, recon tattoos, recon jack logo, airborne tattoo, first recon tattoo, meaning of the recon jack, recon jack of all trades, marine recon jack meaning, marine recon jack image, recon jacks, meaning of recon jack, recon marine jack, recon jack pictures, reconnaissance tattoos, marine recon jack of all trades tattoo, recon marines tattoo, tattoo airborne, marine recon tattos, jack of all trades recon, marine recon jack pictures, jack of all trades tattoo recon, recon jack image, tattoo parachute, airborne wings tattoo, recon creed tattoos, diver tattoo, 3 bullet holes recon jack, recon marine tatoo, recon jack images, marine recon creed, recon marines tattoos, marine recon jack tattoo… and it goes on!

It’s amazing that the search engines of the world manage to do such a good job at figuring out what is what – misspellings and all. I can’t help but think our language and methods of communicating/way finding must be changing fundamentally with this dependencies/abilities with data and technology.

I’m happy people are discovering the recon jack post on my blog and reading the creed – it’s a powerful reminder of the character (Honor, Perseverance, Spirit, and Heart) of the people who protect and serve our country. My intention in posting it was to honor the significance of the image and what it represents – leaning about the tattoo and creed is definitely something I’ll never forget.