Why you should not to be worried about being the best in art

Storyboard / Notes

  • Topic Inspiration: Art Party conversations about the MASS media influence changing the creative process. The problems comes from comparing your work with others – feeling redundant or inferior compared to other artist work and success.
  • Outline: Journal entry style / progress report / relaxed and amateur video journal
    • Intro
    • Clip 1 + screencast support for metaphor on single to many & image screenshots of impressionism, dada, and surrealism google image search results
    • Clip 2/3 (two camera recording scene) + bee images
    • Close + random images from 2012
  • New Experimentation: Two camera views (MAC and iPhone) + Screen capture with Quick Time Player
  • Creative Assets: 3 images from photo-dune + 4 new video clips + Audio track + random old footage and photos
  • Audio copy: Welcome to the 8th edition of Adventures in Creative Communication. My name is Mitra Cline and I’m your host – this Wednesday, Dec 19th 2012 – a sunny winter day here in Temecula California and – as always – I’m here to keep your creative curiosity flowing – with stories on new technology and classic techniques in creative communication. Thanks for tuning in. If you would like more information please visit the blog at foreverbird.com – if your an email junkie you’ll also find a newsletter link in the footer. My monthly email is a digest of blog activity including this free series on creative communication, an ongoing art treasure hunt, monthly desktop calendar graphic art, reviews, news and announcements.
  • Cost: 5 hours of production time $200 + $6 in stock imagery  + legacy imagery (?) + long term hosting/storage costs (?) + idk…
  • Technology / Applications: MacBook Pro, iPhone 4s, iMovie, Garage Band, Photo Booth, Voice Memos, Photoshop, InDesign, Safari, Illustrator, Quicktime, iPhoto, iTunes
  • Post Production Notes: Video takes up a lot of space. This one has a final size of 417.2MB and that is doubled by keeping the original clips – or quadrupled by the fact that it’s also copied in the iPhoto library and iMovie library . Or is my computer smart enough not to make so many copies?

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