Kaptain’s Firehouse BBQ now serving at the Study Hall in #islavista

Last year I created a logo for ‘Kaptain’s Firehouse BBQ’ – a catering company that specializes in BBQ. We made a basic vinyl sign for use above his festival booth and a simple website. He has been serving his BBQ for local events including Earthday, Lucidity and Lunacy in Santa Barbara. I have a few photos from the initial brand development work which is visible in my portfolio. This week the Kaptain will start serving his food at the Study Hall in Isla Vista. We designed some temporary signs to fill the windows along with a menus for the bar.

It is really fun for me to see businesses grow and I enjoy being involved as new design opportunities arrive. For this particular restaurant business, I know that many more exciting design projects are on the horizon, including a website and firetruck/food truck. The Kaptain is a big music and arts fan so his business retains that same quality of entrainment – from the design to the menu and the locations he serves at.