“Rez” the Stallion – design for a beautiful #horse

Recently I have started working for a beautiful Lusitano Stallion from Brazil named “REZ”. He lives at the Cline and Cottrell Farm in San Diego. This is my first experience designing for a Stallion. The horse is so beautiful, all on his own, and my job as a designer is simply to let him shine.

To marketing his breeding services our first step was to select a logo for the farm that highlighted the Stallion.

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Next we collected digital media (photos and videos) to set up a basic online presence: website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

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The final step was to finish the print materials: flyers and business cards. This is still in progress and I communicate with my clients via a closed facebook group page. I find that is format is really nice for working with clients long distance because it tracks our progress, makes it easy to share with others, works on mobile, has chat functionality,  and can connect with events.

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I’m sure there will also be some fun promotional materials printed, like hats and shirts. In addition the photos and videos of REZ will continue to be evolved as he  works with Kimberly Monk Dressage, a trainer and coach at Sterling Farms. The ccsfarm.com website and will surly include cute images of young horses soon.

What do you think?

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