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RAWards @TheBelascoLA

Sunday, January 13th, the RAWards were held at the Belasco Theatre in LA. I went to check it out because I’m a RAW artist of Ventura. Belasco was defiantly a fantastic place for the RAWard and I will be watching for future events at that venue for sure.

Like all the RAW Artists events, it was a festival like environment, people wondered to different areas where attractions were simultaneous going on through out the event. The main theatre area featured the awards ceremony on the stage and small displays for each of the 9 award winning artists around the room. Upstairs was the artist lounge and downstairs was a marketplace with jewelry and such.

Some of the talented artists I met in the upstairs lounge area. I really LOVED the prints by Andrea Ueda (Her card is the tiger on the left).

I really enjoyed the music and dance performances. Specifically I LOVED the founders favorite choice performance from Taryn Wayne. In the video above you can watch some of the performance, it’s the one with 3 girls dancing. Listening to the acceptance speeches from the 9 winning artists gave me a happy feeling. The RAW organization has a overall focus on people, portraits, and lifestyle/fashion. There are over 8,000 artist videos indexed on their youtube channel.

More info about the RAWards:

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