How to etch copper

Have ever wanted to etch your own copper and make jewelry? Well it turns out that it’s not that difficult to do at home with a few tools and some space to work in. Special thank to Kim and Jim Graphics for showing me how its done!

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What do you need? The material list could be endless, but this example includes:

More DIY:

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Today I learned about the death of Aaron Swartz – a guy who was involved with the creation of CreativeCommons. As I celebrate Martin Luther King, I truly honor all the people who have fought for our equality and freedoms. In my own way I join in the fight by sharing my personal process and information in this blog. I believe sharing information and empowering people to do it yourself‘ will help liberty thrive for many generations to come.

It’s crazy how life has changed in the last 100 years and impossible to image what it will look like in another 100 years. How will new devices, like cell phones and tablets, effect people emotionally and physically? We are just starting to see results – like in this film at the upcoming Santa Barbara Film festival that looks at how social media can, “Disconnect.” Ultimately I believe in preserving our principle of freedom to share information. I acknowledge that technology needs to be responsibly managed through things like, CreativeCommens and empowered citizens. I think freely sharing our personal stories is how we can define our responsibilities within our communities and make informed decisions.