Making Paper Lanterns at Littlewood Studios

Jill creates a paper lantern making workshop in #4 of 6 workshops at Littlwood Studios. We are getting ready for the Lucidity Festival. Personally I am involved with the Art Dome. This creative process involves SO many people. Lucidity is a music and arts festival. It’s open source – it’s a collaborate and dynamic experience that is intended to be transformational.


Each week ideas evolve and change. Last week we started to think about workshops in the Art Dome. Here are my note on the process:

The Art Dome – a continuation of the creative studio space and energy that is developing and collecting at Littlewood studios. The art dome will facilitate ongoing creative collaborations, some scheduled events + community resource materials and workstations.
Art Studio Workstations (about a max of 20 people)

  • 2 large – body scale – surfaces
  • 3 easel standing workstations with paper 18×24 size
  • 6′ table with 4 chairs for smaller collage or sketchbook size work.
  • 2 long tables / sawhorses + bucket seating for about 8 + shelving

Community Art Collaborations 10-4pm Friday & Sunday (in addition to specific scheduled events)

  • “Become the Jaguar” Face/Body Painting
  • “Evoke your Goddess within” Alter/offering creations to honor the goddess – drawings and small sculptures – connected to tea temple goddess gathering display
  • “Goddess Grove Art Projects” – supplies to repair or embellish signs, cd curtains, and cushions etc.

Available Art Materials

  • Pens, charcoal, chalk / Roll of newsprint paper
  • Clay and board
  • Body Paint / Sponges / Jaguar Stencils / Brushes
  • Box of art materials
  • Collected Nature Materials from on site / plant / rocks
  • Spray paint, paint and canvas

Creative Facilitators

  • Jill Littlewood – Large Scale Self Portraits
  • Violet Bast – Be the Goddess
  • Anna South –
  • Mitra Cline – Figure Drawing (Friday & Saturday @4-5:30pm)
  • Kate Davis – Touchstones and Soulstones (Saturday @10-11:30am)
  • Gitana Martinez – Bridge Building – Art & Advocacy (Saturday @12-2pm)

The Tea Temple – a place for the goddesses / women to gather. The goddesses within the temple evoke the presence of ancient archetypal energies and help us tap into our shared collective knowledge. It’s a community space with open collaborative energy. We will initially set up the space with 3 alters, 13 goddess silhouettes and 1 scheduled daily tea time. Over the weekend the participants are invited to collaborate creatively by adding their own energy offerings to the temple – so that the representations of the goddess there can evolve through collective wisdom over the weekend – expanding and empowering the divine feminine in all directions imaginable.

  • Alters
  • Goddess Gathering – representations hung all around the dome. These drawings and alter offerings can also serve as the basis to develop future goddess imagery.
  • Tea Setup

A note on signage – Jill is developing a custom font we can use for signs.