Goddess Grove video of the 1st Vivacious Jaguar Camp

Last weekend, April 12-14th, I was at the Lucidity Festival. For the last 6 weeks I have been working on creating the totem camp with several other women. Over the weekend we all came together to create our camp – along with 7,000+ other people who came to celebrate a lucid life together. I’m very thankful for getting an opportunity to live out a dream of mine – building an outdoor mobile art studio and meditation/spiritual space with a cooperative group of amazing people.

Why do people create these festivals? It’s a lot of work and travel to set up camp for just a few days, but despite the effort required, many places have festival attractions. There are so many different motivations mixed together – The Merchants, Musicians, Food Vendors, Teachers, Body Workers, Artists, Dancers, Performers…. and of course the audience and participants. Maybe the common dominator is the desire to be in a community of dream makers who push us beyond our comfort zone into the magic of life – to be entertained and entertain others while make connections that are unavailable in a typical day to day city life.

My vision board of the mobile space from around 2004.

Personally I have fantasized about running away with the circus, living in a cooperative creative environment, or doing some traveling art/journalism. I participate to expand my person comfort zone and enter the magic zone. My hope is to make new fiends, discover new communities, to learn from others and my own experiences. To be vivacious – feeling alive and energized – thriving as part of the natural world. If your not familiar with the magic area outside you comfort zone, here is a video about it:

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