Working with one of the original Mad Men

I recently met my new neighbor, Stewart M. Birbrower, who is one of the original New York Mad Men. He was an Art Director/Creative Director in New York From the 60’s to the 80’s and has been the recipient of over 150 awards. (Like, Best TV Commercial in the Super Bowl, “Mean Joe Green”)

Today Stew and his wife Sylvia live at the WAV (Working Artist of Ventura). They both have many stories and creative ideas to share – as do many of the talented artist who live and work here.

Stew Birbrower, Jackie Woods and Kristina Schlah are interviewed by Our Ventura host, Annie Gabriel. Stew touches on his advertising successes going back to the 1960’s and they all discuss the production of their non-profit commercials for The WAV (Working Artists Ventura) called “Dead Artists” and “The Heist.” The WAV is a state-of-the-art community designed for artists and creative businesses, and is located in the Downtown Cultural District of Ventura, California.

What do you think?

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