Photographed by Chris Jensen

This year I am participating in the Ventura Art Walk. The WAV is a participating venue of the event and we have a bunch of fun things in the works. As a bonus – I was selected to get my photograph taken by Chris for their marketing.

POSTER CAMPAIGN: ArtWalk Ventura’s poster campaign will feature select 2013 ArtWalk artists photographed by Chris Jensen. Each venue can submit up to 2 of their exhibitng artists to be featured on posters. The posters will be printed at 3’X5’ and 11” X 17”. Each venue will recieve 2 of each 11“X17” poster.

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I’m really happy with how the portrait came out and I can’t wait to share it! He’s a great photographer with an inspirational studio space. (Feel really lucky to have the opportunity to work with him). This was his basic idea:

Let your alter ego guide you…if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bust out the Versace this is it….If you’re feeling more Rococo or Victorian, splendid!! If you have an outfit that worked on the playa…don you now it, if you like to paint in the nude…I’m OK with that too, I will do nothing to thwart creativity!