EcoArt Fair at the WAV – ArtWalk Ventura @ventura101 @venturajournal

This year I am collaborating with the other WAV artists on an event by creating promotional materials for ArtWalk. It’s the first year that the ArtWalk peeps have notified us that we have a street to fill in collaboration with eco friendly automobiles … “New this year under the generous sponsorship of the Ventura Auto Center is a street festival with live music, art, vendors and eco-friendly automobile display on Thompson Blvd. outside the WAV, 175 S Ventura Ave.”

We are looking for outside artists who would like to participate – learn more or contact us about the details visit:

As an all volunteer team we are pulling together all our resources to create this free family friendly community event. So far I have started working on a program for the weekend and postcards that feature EcoArt. I got some great image from my artist friend Jami – check out more of her awesome eco art:

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