The Clutch Project #fundraiser for Hospice of #SantaBarbara

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I have agreed to design a clutch for the Hospice of Santa Barbara fundraiser. I’m so honored to be involved with this fundraiser and I’ve been contemplating how to deign the clutch. I’ve got about 2 weeks to finish it – so it’s time to focus!

The first idea I had was to paint flowers on the fabric using acrylic paint. But I have also recently been experimenting with my own fabric prints – and I’m thinking that could look great too! To help me decide I have taken photos of the clutch and used photoshop to visualize different designs. In the end the final clutch will probably be a combination of hand painting in acrylic and custom printed flowers. The printed fabric would work well for the inside of the clutch – where painting would be almost impossible without cutting the clutch open.

They have sent me a clutch to work with along with some basic information about the project.  All the final bags will be on display from October 3-30 in downtown Santa Barbara. The bidding will be on November 1st and the unveiling will take place during First Thursday, October 3rd.

What do you think?

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