Design Career Path

I’m giving a presentation on Career Day to Jr. High students. For me Jr. High was when I really started to focus on art as a career path. It’s an important time in life. I hope sharing my own journey – up to this point in my life – will encourage others to pursue creative lives! Watch the video on Vimeo.

The most interesting thing I discovered from this process is that, for me, the work I do now did not exist when I was in school. That fact is something really special about choosing a career that uses technology. There sure are lots of tools and techniques that I learned that are classic – such as painting and drawing. However the digital art tools that I use most of the time are always being updated. Having the creative thinking skills to adapt to the changes is key in staying competitive – with the experience and the ability to adapt it’s always valuable in the fields of innovation, advertising, and culture/humanitarian work.