Thankful to be reading in the age of the internet!


I’m constantly inspired and enlightened by the people of this world. Every day there are so many cool things out there that it’s temping to want to watch every moment, record every moment, and share every moment! What would it be like if we could experience everything that everyone else did (plus what they thought and felt about it) and visa versa? Maybe with the internet we will somehow develop that capability – as we advance in social networking technologies.

I grew up before the internet. I love editorial content that can’t really compete in the same category as sexy images or viral grumpy cat on the internet. But despite the lack of sex appeal or cuteness, somehow the arts are alive and well in this new digital age. One of the ways I support the arts (on my limited budget) is buy purchasing books, magazines, etc. Some of my favorite publications are now also available as eMagazines 🙂

Despite the unexpected amount of crap out there on the internet – we are undoubtedly changing as a global culture. I’m thankful for the internet and my ability to read!