Youth Videography and Production Crew

I’m working in collaboration with Youth Interactive and Arts for Humanity! by providing a 10 week class on Art and Technology for the SB Good News team. The Good News is a youth-run media production company dedicated to promoting the collaborative, diverse, and positive community efforts in Santa Barbara

This week, class 2 of 10, we took a look at their web presence. The goal was to present their video work, promote their services, and create a way for people to contact the team – all while keeping the budget cost at $0.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 4.14.47 PM

We started by adjusting the theme on their existing (free) blog to match their logo colors and then we added a couple pages:

  • Watch the Good News – a playlist iframe embed from their YouTube channel (free)
  • Video Production – a list of services and pricing in simple text with links to their contact page (free)
  • Contact Us – a free contact script and links to their social media pages (free)

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This youth video production team will be using a content marketing strategy to reach their audience. By creating and sharing their original videos with the community via social media, they hope to reach new clients and grow their freelance work.

Check out the SB Good News team and follow their work on Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumbr YouTube