Digital Catalogs, Books, and Magazine Apps

Note: The single edition program is not longer available for digital Catalogs, books, and magazine apps. You can still use indesign to create and share rich app like documents, created in InDesign, and displayed on mobile devices with the Adobe Contet Viewer app. This solution still works great with things like digital catalogs used by sales reps. If you want to make and sell an ebook the new solution works too… but as far as the app publishing it’s now for enterprise level only. Read more here


Today I completed my first app submission for review with Apple. It took me almost a year from when I started this process late last summer until today when I completed my first submission today. In part the delay was because my project was put on hold, and in part the delay was due to the overall long technical process involved in the design and submission.

If you are a designer, looking to create a digital publication, then Adobe DPS is an all in one solution. Their comprehensive step by step guide was really helpful when navigating the Apple process. The document from Adobe is 67 pages long. One confusing note in the document is that Apple does not like apps to be like ebooks. It helps to have interactive elements that use the advantages of being an app.


The process of creating and submitting an app involves going back and forth between Apple and Adobe. This interaction was confusing for me at first. I’m used to the one click solution in my design world – so getting technical with the developer side of Apple was daunting at first. Understandably the security and cataloging procedures are very regulated and specific. The process involves registering your apple testing devices (down to the Identifier number),  your iTunes account, your Apple Developer Account, and your Apple ID. Here is a list of applications used in the process:

  • Google Chrome
  • Keychain Access
  • Application Loader
  • Adobe InDesign CC / Photoshop
  • Adobe Content Viewer
  • iTunes
  • Certificate Assistant
  • DPS App Builder

Save time with a template for creating all the size variations. Save time with a template for creating all the size variations.

If you are interested in this process – be sure to prepare adequate time for research. Starting with the Adobe help guide is the best advice I have. Some other helpful links include: