My First Elected Position – WAV Artist’s Council for Marketing

I little over a year ago I moved to the WAV. In that time I have attended community meetings and volunteered to help with community events, such as ArtWalk 2013.

This year, 2014, the community decided to create an Artists Council.

The residents have approved the creation of a pilot “WAV Artists Council” to be in place for one year. The council will is made up of seven elected representatives, selected from residents who have gone through the artist selection process.
The council meets monthly, for meetings that last no longer than 90 minutes. If there are no action items for consideration, there will be no meeting that month. The role of the pilot WAV Artists Council is to make decisions and provide oversight for three specific areas:

  1. New resident orientation
  2. Marketing
  3. Programming and events (specifically in the first year, ArtWalk)

I volunteered and was elected to manage marketing for the WAV – specifically for the upcoming ArtWalk. One of the first things I did was start to publish daily on social media from the vast collection of content that has been created online over the last 4 years. You can see, based on the Facebook insights, that our audience engagement and reach quickly picked up with the increased frequency in posting.

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This year the tone for ArtWalk is:

General Event Description: Art and Play

Come to Working Artists Ventura (WAV) to see a grand-scale art installation that fills the entire block – fully utilizing the unique spaces including bridges, rooftops, gardens, and featuring our 35,000 cubic foot gallery. Intimate studio experiences with your neighborhood artists round out the multi-level extravaganza.
From the corner of Thompson Boulevard and Ventura Avenue to the alley behind, treat yourself to fantastic art and a variety of activities including live music, performance art, live art demonstrations, an art auction, studio tours, local food trucks, activities for children, and a Saturday evening dance party.
Play is your artistic currency. Come and share in the joy of creative play with us.

I put together a quick plan for my marketing goals in 2014.

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