Artist’s Personal #Shopping List for Acrylic #Painting

After many years of painting I have a few preferences when it comes to acrylic painting. Everyone has a different style and the materials they choose reflect that style. I thought it might be helpful to share my personal shopping list for acrylic painting – for one of my favorite painting styles. I like to use small canvases and cover them with a slightly absorbent material. Then I use watercolor ink, fluid acrylic inks, and fluid acrylics in (both metallic and flat versions). I finish off the designs with paint pens – to add something graphic to the design. A warning that the paint pens don’t last long – they get clogged easily and become unusable. It’s best to plan on session and use up the whole pen at one time. In both the acrylic and the pen versions I like silver and copper colors the best. I find that they seem to work the best for me. I also prefer the thicker pens to the fine or thin. However, I also love to experiment and it’s best to have options to play with. Another thing to look out for is how you apply the light molding paste material to your canvas. It’s almost impossible to get the surface completely smooth. I suggest using a palette knife to apply the material – it’s a little like icing a cake. The medium will dry quickly on a warm hot day – so don’t worry about being too perfectionist about it – just know that any imperfections will add the to the overall texture of your painting and work with it! materials The finished look is bright and colorful with a variety of textures. You can layer or play with the materials as you like. There are so many ways to paint and discovering your own preferences is part if the process. If you like this concept, you can check out my shopping list for acrylic painting and get your own supplies! Happy Painting!