Honoring Stew Birbrower

Help us get Stews WAV commercial on the air!

Stew Birbrower created a great campaign for individual artists at the WAV in Ventura. It was my honor to work with him in getting his ads out to the public. There are the four black and white ads that will be running in the local newspaper, Ventura County STAR, over the next few weeks leading up to our busy summer events.

Stewart Mark Birbrower, advertising executive, commercial film director and artist, died on Saturday, June 14 in Ventura, California after a brief illness. He was 78. (Click here to read more about Stew – see photos from Celebrating the Life of Stew Birbrower at WAV)

For the last several months I have been working to promote the artists who live at WAV by using Stews
campaign in free channels like social media – his commercials and print posters. Recently I added several to our new ‘WAV Artists Council’  Instagram account. Some of his posters are on permanent display in the management office at the WAV if you get a chance to visit.

Working Artists Ventura Artist Council is a one year pilot program – consisting of volunteer artist who live and work at the WAV. Our newly formed fundraising campaign includes raising money to advertise and we also have a completely separate campaign to get Stews WAV commercial on the air

The mission of the Working Artists Ventura Artist Council is to share the joy of art with the widest possible audience in our community and around the globe and to provide the highest caliber of art exhibitions, art training, and art events in our programming.
We seek to enhance our position as one of the world’s finest art collectives through our vitality, innovations, and diversity, and through uncompromising commitment to artistic excellence. We will strive in all ways to transmit the spirit of art to our peers and to those that may visit, not only — not less, but greater than it was transmitted to us. – wavartistcouncil.com