Mitra’s Paintings on Display at the Wine Rack

My art show “Animal spirits” is a collection of original paintings at the Wine Rack in Ventura, CA.

Wine Rack Lounge, 14 S. California Street, Ventura, CA 93001 (805) 653-9463

These paintings explore the unconscious animal nature of our minds. The foundation of my art is the imagination – and my paintings are imbued with the qualities of introspection, spirit, and observation. The smaller paintings are 4×4″ and they go up to the largest at 5’x4′. Materials range from oil on canvas to mixed media. In some paintings, I start with acrylic and add metallic paint pen, glitter, and oil.

I hope you enjoy the show! May – November 2014.

Enjoy your new collection!
Enjoy your new collection!

The Wine Rack is more than your local wine tasting room, it’s an harmonious fusion of a lounge and wine bar. Located in the heart of Downtown Ventura, the setting changes character as the day lengthens, with its serene ambiance and intimate conversation areas providing a relaxing setting for winding down after a long workday. As the evening progresses, the lights slowly dim and the music picks up tempo, transforming into an energized nightspot with live music on weekends and comedy shows every other Thursday. –


14 S. California Street
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 653-9463