1st residential for Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life

I have just completed my first 4 day residential of course work for my MA at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. The intensive class time was an exciting and informative experience. I brought my iPad and took lots of fun graphic notes on the paper app. Synchronistically one of my fellow classmates gave an excellent presentation on journaling – introducing me to some great new apps like DayOne.

I learned about art practice research, discussed academic writing, academic conference lectures, and the depth physiology techniques like amplification, active imagination, sticking to the image, and personal association. Overall I have a much better understanding of depth psychology and my specific program, Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life. I left feeling inspired to continue researching peer review articles on film and art therapy in victims of domestic violence in order to complete a grant application for this documentary I started earlier this year with ARTesia healing arts. I see my personal creative art moving in the direction of film and art therapy.

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While I was on campus I became aware of the scholars who have become synonymous with the school. Many original works and significant contributions of the field of depth psychology are on campus. “Pacifica traces many of its central ideas to the heritage of ancient story tellers, dramatists, and philosophers from all lands who recorded the workings of the imagination. The legacies of these early men and women have evolved in multiple cultural contexts including the systematic explorations of the unconscious by Freud, Jung, and other theorists of the psychologies of this century.”

Overall I was impressed with the quality of the people, synchronistic magical experience and the epiphanies over the weekend at Pacifica. So excited for the 2 year joinery ahead of me! What a beautiful place.


    1. For your application, did you submit a creative work, a purely academic writing sample, or a combination? This is my final step, so I want to get it right!

    2. I wrote something just for the application. It was academic – about a local artists. I’m more of a visual artist and my writing is getting much better.

  1. Also, we have similar note-taking styles…lol… Have you tried the Adobe Ink & Slide stylus by Adonit? I just received mine last week, and I am in LOVE.

    1. That sounds cool – do you just use it on the iPad? I use pencil by paper53 on the table. I’ve had the same old bamboo tablet for my computer a long time and it might be time for an upgrade.

    2. It’s for the iPad, and you can connect it to your Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a fine-tip, Bluetooth, customizable one, which is good because I’m a lefty.

    3. I’ve been looking through my old papers, but the super-academic ones aren’t relevent to the subject matter, and the humanities-related papers don’t seem quite academic enough, so I guess I’ll compose something new

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