Earth Mother and Father Sky Weep

I hope you enjoy my desktop calendar for November, “Earth Mother and Sky Father Weep.” This image is available for personal use and if you love it, please order a print, canvas, bag or pillow online!

Video about the making of this image:

This image was created as part of my research for a final paper about the influence of Shakespeare in American culture. Below is the intro – a work in profess and a little scattered – but gives an idea of what the paper is about. If you have an interest in learning more check out my post about scholarly writing.

Shakespeare’s plays are a vehicle of individuation for characters within the play as well as for the actors and the audience. In 3 romantic plots I noticed a pattern and interpreted it as the unconscious courting of the ego, resulting in a dangerous new relationship and leading to a tragic death. Is tragedy a required part of the individuation process on the journeys to wholeness? I researched Shakespeare’s stories of love and tragic death to learn more. I deepened my understanding of Shakespeare’s tragic love by a embodying a multiplicity of characters in dramatic reenactment of scenes from A Winters Tale and Much Adu About Nothing. Using personal association with a resonant scene from the 1996 film, Romeo + Juliet, I made a connection to current economic and environmental crisis. These crisis situations are connected to gridlock in the USA’s two party political system (Opposing parties, ironically, represented by the colors red and blue). I created an original digital image from that resonant scene and the origin myths of Sky Father and Earth Mother emerged. Based on my creative practice I began to ask myself if it’s possible that Shakespeare’s plays are connected to an underlying cultural belief that a tragic death of the ego (USA) is Devine law and a required sacrifice in the collective evolution toward wholeness. I also wonder if Shakespeare’s plays could reach a larger audience, through mass distribution of modern film adaptations, if they would break the belief that tragic death is required for personal and collective individuation. In my original image I combine the symbols of Sky Father and Earth Mother with Shakespeare’s image of tragic love to evoke an integrated creative being that speaks about transformation through the death process.

First digital sketch from collage idea.
First digital sketch from collage idea.
Original Idea - Digital Collage of Images
Original Idea – Digital Collage of Images

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