Unpaid, Unrecognized, Undervalued: Women’s and Girls’ Care Work

Caring support is where it’s at. We can do this together!

Girls' Globe

Nafula, a young twenty-five year old from Chavakali, Kenya begins her day at 4a.m. Before the sun rises, she walks more than 2 kilometres to the borehole where 20 other women are already in the queue. It takes one hour for her to collect water for the day. With a 5 month old child on her back, a twenty litre container on her head and a small five litre container, she hurries home to prepare breakfast for her husband and two children. After completing the housework and tilling the family land, Nafula will

Photo Credit: Aresene Coseac, Flickr Creative Commons Photo Credit: Aresene Coseac, Flickr Creative Commons

make her way to the nearby hospital which is ten kilometres away. It is also her responsibility to care for her father-in law’s health. After his daily doctor’s appointment, her husband and children will arrive at home for dinner. Although every life is unique, Nafula’s story is similar to many women and girls.

The Labor of…

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