Playing with New Mobile creative apps from #adobecc

Recently I started to play with three new mobile apps from Abode. Adobe Brush CC allows you to takes photos and create custom brushes. Adobe Shape CC turns photos into vectors. Adobe Photoshop Mix is basically two layers with masking and some effects like transparency and saturation.

In the Adobe Shape App you basically have two controls. One is the level of detail in the outlines – from super simple to more detailed outline of the image. The second is an option to delete some of the outlines before the  shape is made into a vector. I was disappointed that the saved image was a JPG with a solid white background. I would hope that there would be more options with the export feature. The most recent creative cloud update on my computer installed a folder on my desktop and synced some but not all my files. Honestly Adobe CC web interface is pretty confusing at this point but none the less it’s inspiring  to see how they are starting to link mobile to desktop. For some reason the drag and drop feature they say works for transferring library items is not working for me.



Here are a few different digital collages I made playing around with the new apps on my iPhone. I’m also curious to add in the iPad apps – Sketch and Line to see what they are like. As a digital artist I love the collage feel of working with mobile apps in combination with the desktop – can’t wait to figure out how it integrate with the more interactive features as well. Downloaded new web design tools, Muse and Animate, to play with today too 🙂

Contemplating cloud series

The collages were made from mixing the abode shape exported image with same cloud drawing made with the pages app on my iPad.

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