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real vs imaginary

First Drawing...

I like to draw and to paint and that means I look to see real and also imaginary things. The journey in my relationship to this aspect, how I feel about art, in my life has changed over the years. Classes at Pacifica are adding new concepts and ways of thinking that expand, enliven and add depth to dead beliefs in my mind. In particular the writing on the image, as a waking dream, resonated with me. It’s a positive look at something that I have struggled with in my own mind as an inability to see what is ‘real’.

When I look at a blank page or canvas I see things. As I start to draw or paint I see more things. It’s actually hard to know what is there and what is not there. Imagine looking at a magic eye image. In order to see the 3-d shape you have to squint a little and let your focus relax so that the form appears. When I’m in the flow an image appears to me in similar way, in the sense that I don’t really focus on what I’m painting. I think this is one explanation for my love of large painting – it’s not like I can literally see the whole image at once while I’m working on it. It’s too big to see while I’m painting. Yet somehow the image reveals itself in the process because it’s solid and there already.

How to see 3D:

I struggle to know what is real and what is imagined. It’s great to be given permission to let go of the pressure to control the image. I tend to enjoy both the complexity of rich images and the simplicity of minimal images. To me they are alive in different ways and embracing an expansive relationship with the image feels exciting.

“Right Brain and Left Brain” SOLD

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