Backyard Archeology

I am looking at the body as two parts. One part is temporal and the other eternal. To show this I will research how man has tried to explain this paradox between the eternal soul and the temporal body. As a point of reference I will look at archeological sites where man has attempted to make the temporal everlasting by restoring and preserving the remains of our past.

Backyard archaeology dig 2002

Process: Set up tent with 2 gridded holes in the ground. Dug, zip-locked dirt, sifted and cataloged objects found. Leaves, bottle caps, glass etc.

Model Excavating 2001

Melon deconstruction and model city dig process documentation. Flip book – print edition of 2 – created with glass, wood, and velum.

Family History 2000

Embedding objects in melted microcrystalline wax and then removing to discover again.


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