Mystic Sisters headed to the playa

The playa, located in Black Rock city is a place in which a temporary town comes alive for one week of the year. Mystic Sisters will be heading here to present gifts and offerings for all who accept. Two performances will occur at the red lightning camp located at 8:30 and Esplanad between 10 and 11pm on Wednesday and Friday. These two collective improve soundscape rituals, twilight thresholds, of self-transformation will take you between what was and what will be. Come to experience an intentional change within yourself.

During the day the Mystic Sisters are accompanied by a buggy and their many unicorns. The buggy features magic wands, a spinning wheel and three edwardian woman to facilitate your transformation. Archetypal masks will be offered during the week to all burners who happen upon the Mystic Sisters. Find us, find yourself. Mystic Sisters buggy

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