Rate 6 Commercials from Fiverr

What does it cost to make a video commercial and what would you rate these 6 commercial from fiverr? At Fiverr.com that cost is $5 or $5.50 when you count the fee involved but quality is the question. With that kind of price I went on a shopping spree and ordered several video commercials on offer. The basic deal is that you, the customer, provide a graphic and/or basic text to be added into the commercial template. The trick is to select a template commercial that matches your brand message. In my case the brand was and still is in the formation stage. Using the commercials as a sounding board, I was better able to understand my own brand and how the message would look in a video commercial.

Starting out with the selection of videos on fiverr.com I was looking for images that conveyed the feeling of fantasy and imagination. I was immediately attracted to the video of a man diving and writing a message under water.

After receiving the first video of the man underwater I was hooked and I went back to order more video commercials. All in all I ordered 6 for a total price of around $50. Not a bad price for a video campaign. I did pay for some extra features – such as high resolution and sound. That is one of the features with fiverr.com offers – the option to add on services to the basic $5 gig.